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High Power Microwave

High power microwave equiment

High Power Microwave

High power microwave equiment

High power microwaves constitute an emerging threat from the battlefields. The intense electromagnetic fields that are radiated by such effectors can effectively disturb and even destroy electronic systems. In order to preserve, in the medium term, the operational character of certain pieces of equipment that carry electronic cards, it is essential to evaluate their vulnerability. Protective measures can then be put in place. 

ITOPP has mastered all the technological elements making up high power microwave equipment.

High-Power Microwave Equipment

Power supply
Electrical grid | Battery | Power generator
Pulsed power modulator
Marx generator | Transformer | LIA | LTD (Linear Transformer Driver)
Microwave source
BWO | Vircator | Milo | Magnetron
Cornet | Dipole | Pixel Antenna


ITHPP assists their clients in choosing from the various available solutions to offer optimized equipment.

This equipment allows for evaluation of technologies and offers the possibility to conduct system vulnerability testing when faced with electromagnetic attacks.


Neutralization of autonomous drones

Vulnerability test to electromagnetic aggression

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