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Pulsed Power Solutions.

ITOPP buildings


Pulsed Power Solutions.

ITOPP buildings

ITOPP (formerly ITHPP) designs, develops, manufactures, tests and operates Pulsed Power systems for Research, Defence and Industry. 

Based on client specifications, ITOPP develops, designs manufactures and tests pulsed power systems to study the behavior of materials placed under very high pressures, test lightning vulnerability, carry out hyper-speed impacts, study ultra-fast physical phenomena (flash radiography), and contribute to nuclear fusion experimentation. ITOPP also masters the design and development of high-powered microwave equipment.

With this expertise, ITOPP has adapted its knowledge to the industry sector and today offers shockwave rock fragmentation for the mining industry as well as pulsed electron beam industrial sterilization equipment.

Thanks to highly qualified teams and a sustained research and development policy, ITOPP is able to provide very high-level technical services. In addition, specific and adapted material means are also available on the ITOPP site to ensure a high level of reactivity.

ITOPP is a subsidiary of the ALCEN Group.

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Pulsed power technologies facilitate the amplification of electric power delivered by a system through a significant reduction of the duration of the pulse. As energy is the product of multiplying power by time, it is possible through the conservation of energy and by decreasing the duration of the pulse to reach extremely high powers.

As such, ITOPP creates systems capable of delivering currents of several million amps, voltages of several million volts for durations that can be less than one hundred billionths of a second. The power produced can therefore exceed one hundred gigawatts.

In general, Pulsed Powers are able to meet needs for research in physics, particularly nuclear physics, but increasingly also for industrial applications.

Energy banks are in a way the simplest explanation of such systems and generate very high currents (up to several millions of amperes). As of the 1920's, the development of Marx generators has made it possible to obtain several million volts. Since then, new concepts have emerged, such as IVAs (Inductive Voltage Adders) or LTDs (Linear Transformer Drivers).


ITOPP seeks to surround itself with key partners, who are the most competent in their respective fields.

University and Academic

ITOPP collaborates with a wide network of laboratories and academic institutions worldwide to provide customers with world class scientific services. Via various agreements such as CIFRE, ITOPP supports scientific research through the employment of doctorate students.

 Ongoing subjects : 

  • « Investigation of semi-conductor opening switches for pulsed power applications with output voltage up to 500kV ». (SIAME laboratory)

ITOPP is a member of the competitive clusters Aerospace Valley, Alpha RLH, Mécanic Vallée and also with the National Association for Research and TechnologyInternational Irradiation Association  and Polepharma


Through innovation in the Pulsed Power field, we wish to make a lasting contribution to our local economy, to facilitate the development of our contributors and their families and to preserve the environment.

We provide the conditions to stimulate innovation

In order to meet the challenges of our mission, we have defined our values as follows: 

  • Technical excellence: Through long-standing collaborations with multiple demanding partners, ITOPP has acquired invaluable cutting-edge knowledge and know-how in the Pulsed Power field.
  • Learning: It is by devoting time to learning and creativity that we set the conditions for an innovative environment.
  • Flexibility: Implementing an agile project-based approach allows us to strike a balance between human competencies and technical knowledge to successfully deliver our projects.  
  • Initiative: Because innovations are not possible without initiative, at ITOPP, we encourage the emergence of new ideas and concepts.