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ITHPP strengthens its expertise in the field of pulsed power and welcomes Yoan Bacqueyrisses, new Doctor of physics, in its team.

23 Sep 2022

Yoan Bacqueyrisses _ Soutenance de thèse


ITHPP continues its R&D policy by supporting PhD research works.

In collaboration with the Research Laboratory SIAME, from the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, Yoan Bacqueyrisses successfully defended his PhD work: “Optimisation study of the efficiency of electrical fracturing of rocks by the indirect method".

Although electric discharges in aqueous medium have been studied for several decades, there is currently no accurate method for predicting the amplitude of pressure waves generated in a liquid medium by electric arcs. The main part of this work consisted in determining and characterising the electrical parameters of the pulsed generator and the geometrical parameters of the sparker that influence the delivered pressure. As a result of these studies, an empirical formula was proposed to predict the amplitude of the generated pressure wave and to optimise the electroacoustic efficiency of the process.

Following the completion of his PhD, Yoan Bacqueyrisses joined the Pulsed Power team at ITHPP.

Welcome to the team Yoan!